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Canadian Thoroughbred ‘Goldfix

Struttin #yolo #lfny #cwd photo creds to @katwinter





Finding the right horse at the wrong time is such a curse

i just hope the right time comes eventually to take on a horse

Right?? I leased a horse when I was in CA. We really bonded, and i hated to leave, but I had to move…

I’m sure you will still want one, I know what you mean though. The sucky thing is you never know what the future holds. You may have the money, but not the time. Have you considered a self care stable? In my area, they go for $50-100 a month, boarder buys hay. I think that’s a pretty good price.

That’s a crazy good price for self-care! Here it’s in the low hundreds and regular full-care board runs anywhere from $500-$800 with most nicer barns with really reputable trainers running around $1000 a month. Mostly right now its just a time commitment thing, I’m on my IHSA team and I’m graduating this year so I’m slammed with school and team, but I’ve been looking around for an OTTB to retrain as an eventer and bring up through the levels. Luckily for me, I live down the street from a track that has a program that rehomes them and puts you in touch with trainers/owners who are selling. So I know down the road there will probably still be something just as great, if not better, for me to fall in love with. Plus it gives me time to save up money so I can do a really thorough PPE and look around for a decent, mid-price evel barn, take some lessons there and see what I like. Just frustrating, I’ve spent 4 years teaching babies for other people, now I’m ready for my own baby to teach and spoil!



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That brace-stance you do in preparation for sassy pons.

Finding the right horse at the wrong time is such a curse


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